This is the west side of the Superintendent’s house. The screened porch is in the foreground and the small single story building to the left is a newer garage.

The south facing view of the Superintendent’s House, January 2021. The porch to the left is screened in, and the one on the right is now a three season room. Originally, all three porches would have been open.

This is the east side of the Superintendent’s house. It looks like the area with the lower roof is an addition with its own entrance. More than the site’s Superintendent lived in this house.

This view lets you see more of the west side of the Superintendent’s house, one of the street lights, the smoke stack and the water tower in the distance.

wallpaper and Blue Shade in Mansion

This is a sample of the wallpaper and window coverings in the Superintendent’s house. They seem to be from a renovation in the 1980s, but the wood trim at the top of the window looks original.

This is a three quarter view of Superintendent’s House. The photo was taken in December, 2020 on the first visit to the Sanatorium site.In the foreground is a three season room that was modified after the house was built.

Wallpaper in first floor bathroom of Superintendent's house

This is a peek in at the wallpaper and corner sink of the first floor bathroom of Superintendent’s house. It is underneath the stairs to the second floor.

This is a close up of the south side of the two story doctor’s house. There seems to be a lot of detail in the pattern of the bricks. The Superintendent’s house is just in the background.