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Please be respectful of Indiana State Sanatorium being private property. We love to have visitors but we have to know you are visiting!

  1. You can book a reservation by going to the
    Tour/Investigations tab. This includes day roaming, flashlight tours, and overnight tours.
  2. If it is daytime and the gate is standing wide open, you are welcome to come up and drive around. You are not allowed to get out of your vehicle and enter the buildings.
  3. We have overnight guest almost every night. They have paid to experience the property with no interruptions. Do not come on the property at night, unless you have booked an overnight stay.
  4. Law enforcement will be called if you are caught trespassing.

Destination Fear

The Indiana State Sanatorium is excited to have offered the Destination Fear cast and crew the opportunity to undertake the first paranormal investigation of our facility. We enjoyed their time with us and look forward to seeing them again in the future. Since Dakota, Chelsea and Tanner visited, we have opened the facility up to both private and public paranormal investigations. If you are interested in watching their episode you can find it on Discovery+ under season 3, episode 14.

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Investigations at the Sanatorium

Since the Destination Fear team visited the Indiana State Sanatorium many investigator and documentary film teams have explored and investigated the site. Here are a few of the videos that we recommend.

Documentaries and Videos

Paranormal Investigations

Indiana’s premier paranormal location. Over 100 years and 100,000 square feet of abandoned history. Reservations available for private and curated investigations.

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Want To Help?

Are you interested in playing a role in the revitalization of a piece of history? Well, we have some good news for you!

Volunteers are always welcome! If you are interested in volunteering, please reach out to Sam Maudlin who you can find on our About Us tab. 

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The Sanatorium is a site for events of all sizes. From family gatherings to the largest outdoor events, we offer accommodations in historic buildings, modern classrooms and meeting spaces on over 160 acres of outdoor natural spaces. Please check out our amenities.

Sanatorium History

With construction beginning in 1907, the historic Indiana State Sanatorium has a long and storied history. As part of the Sanatorium Project we hope to collect and preserve information concerning the site. If you have old photos or other archives let us know. We will be posting information that we find on our social media accounts…History.

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