Results of April 20, 2021 storm

The superintendent’s house is just visible in the background of this photo.

Little Raccoon Creek

This is the view of Little Raccoon Creek and the farm fields on the west side of the creek from the top of the bluff. It looks like there are two Beech trees in the photo. The woods near Rockville, Indiana are visible in the distance.

Different kinds of wildflowers can have very similar flowers and wildly different leaves.

Pink blooms on a tree near the Superintendent's house

This tree was blooming the week of April 14th. It is just north of the Superintendent’s house.

Shallow creek in March

This shallow creeks runs near Route 36. This photo was taken earlier in March.

The back end of a snapping turtle

Only the back end of this snapping turtle was visible this day. It’s head was underneath some grass and dead leaves. This is one of two turtles I noticed. They were both a few feet up from the little creek that runs along Bryant Drive.

More yellow flowers

The Administration building is just visible behind the daffodils.

Close up of a rock wall near Route 36

Several colors of rock are visible in this close up of a rock wall near Route 36. Part of this wall may be clay instead of rock. A new hike to this area is necessary.

Early yellow bush

This flowering bush is one of the earliest to bloom. It is located just west of the two Doctor’s houses.

Sycamore trees in early spring

These Sycamore trees are distinctive because of their white colored bark. As they get older, the base of the trees have more grey, like the tree on the right. These trees are close to the front gate.

Close up of horsetails.

This close up of horsetail plants is located near Bryant Drive. They are also know by the common names scouring rush or pioneer scrub pad. Horsetails are a prehistoric evergreen plant that can grow in standing water and is toxic to horses and other grazing animals.

A small creek in the woods along Rt. 36

This small creek runs along one of the stone walls, in the woods along Route 36. This section doesn’t look very deep, but this creek has a few deep pools.

Fine grass turning green

This patch of fine grass is turning green earlier than some of the other varieties. It is located south of the Superintendent’s house. There is an added bonus of bunny pellets.

April Flowers in front of construction debris

These April Flowers look odd in front of this construction debris.

Flat area near Little Raccoon creek

This is part of the flat area near Little Raccoon creek. The top of the power plant is just visible through the trees.

A gently sloping field north of the Hospital

This gently sloping field is north of the Hospital.