This photo of the Administration building was taken by Frieda Voto. It is labeled Admin. Bldg + Spiren and dated 4/25/59. I wonder if Spiren is the person on the left side of the slide. This is part of the White Family collection.

Vintage photo of the Administration Building

This is an old photo of the Administration Building. It is taken prior to 1922 because it was included in the 1921-1922 Annual Report to the state of Indiana. This is one of the few photos of the windows in the enclosed walkways to the Women’s and Men’s Wards. Today, the pine trees and flag pole are no longer south of this building. It looks like there is a man, in a black suit, standing on the steps up into the building.

This is one of Frieda Voto’s slides. It is also one of the few pictures we have of the school that used to be at the site. The slide is labeled San. Bridge Construction and dated 10/3/57. It is part of the White Family collection.

Early photo of the Women's Ward

This photo was included in the 1921-1922 Annual Report to the state of Indiana. It is of the building that is west of the Administration building. Only the foundation with their windows and steam tunnels remain in 2021.

This is another of Frieda Voto’s slides. Her notes says Ice formed on the tree tops, but I think it is more interesting because the road and Men’s ward are no longer part of the site. It looks like this photo was taken from the second floor of the five story brick building. It is part of the White family collection.

Indiana State Sanatorium Covered Bridge and Historical Marker

This is a close up of the sign placed at the new site of the State Sanatorium Bridge. It shows a picture of the bridge in it’s original site and gives a brief history of two other bridges that  crossed Little Raccoon Creek, earlier in the 1900s. This is a different photograph that the one on this website, taken in 1970. The bridge was moved by Parke county, in 2008.

Black and white photo of Superintendent's house, dated 1945.

Black and white photo of the Superintendent’s house, dated 1945. From the Indiana State Historical Society’s collection, Fighting Tuberculosis in Indiana.

This photo was taken in April of 1958 by Frieda Vito. It is labeled Springtime View from the Front Drive, 4/21/59. It is part of the White Family collection of slides.

Part of the Sanatorium medical staff in 1918

This picture was published in a local newspaper. Only five of the six people are named. They are standing on the steps outside the Administration building. The newspaper captioned the picture 1918 Medical staff.