This is the Administration building, from a new angle. You can see the foundation of the Men’s ward and a part of the nursing home in the background.

An example of the workmanship used in the construction of the Administration Building. This is the beveled windows at the entrance to the Administration Building, December 2020.

Administration Building in early 1920s

This is an old photo of the Administration Building. It is probably taken prior to 1930 because the enclosed walkways are visible above the current steam tunnel heading west. Today, the pine trees and flag pole are no longer there.

Close up of a pattern in the bricks of the Administration Building

There are at least four of these patterns decorating the Administration Building. All located high on the wall, just under the eaves. There may be more on the north side of the building, but they are hard to see from the parking lot.

Winter view of the front of the Power Plant

This is a winter view of the front of the Power Plant. It was first build in the 1910’s, but it looks like there have been several additions.

Close up of wooden door in the Administration Building.

This wooden door in the Administration Building is an example of the craftsmanship that went into the construction of the buildings on the Sanatorium site. The rooms on the second floor used to be apartments for doctors, nurses and staff the worked at the Sanatorium.

A special moment of light in the old Power Plant. This is one of the original buildings on the Sanatorium site.

Old Power Plant Entrance

This building was constructed at the same time as the Administration building. It is located just north of the dining room for the Sanatorium. It also contained the laundry and sterilization equipment.

A view up to some of the Power Plant's outdoor equipment

A view up to some of the Power Plant’s outdoor equipment. The samplings in the foreground are recent additions. This may have been how coal was added to the furnaces.

Name plate that says says Henry Vogt Machine Co

This is the name plate above one of the machines in the power plant. It says Henry Vogt Machine Co. Builders, Louisville, KY. USA. There may be a date in the bottom right corner, but looks like there is only three numbers. Based on an internet search, it is a boiler instead of a furnace. The sanatorium used steam to heat many of the buildings.

Sturdy bench in the Winter. Near Administration building

There are a few of these sturdy benches scattered across the Sanatorium site. This one is near the Administration building.

This is the east side of the Administration building, part of the nursing home and Raccoon valley in the distance.